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CarPuter by coffeeman   (1 comments)

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Motherboard brand:201
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:air
Additional Cooling Info:COLD AIR INTAKE - FOR REAL
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:RADEON 9600
Case URL:

A plastic remote control car was purchased, the guts stripped out and discarded. Many adaptions inside to hold the power supply, fans, and motherboard
were made. Extremely tight fit. The body was stripped and sanded back to plain plastic, then masked and painted in Chameleon paint. It changes from Purple
to Bronze depending on the light. 4 coats of clear were then added. This took about 2 weeks to do at about an hour a night. The base was totally made from hand with
3mm black perspex with a 10mm clear perspex bottom. The DVD drives have no face plates and I had to hand cut the holes for the trays to come out and attacked matching
tray panels. The buttons that activate the drives are hand made as well. They are 4mm clear perspex with doming resin over pictures of subwoofers with embedded blue LEDs.
These are hinged, so when you press them, the drives open. The active lights for the drives are fibre optics and descreet. All drives have hand made perspex mounting brackets.
The power and reset switches have been hand made to suit the case and are actually chrome buttons from clothing. All wiring comes up through the top of the base and into the
car, under the motherboard and then over the top of the motherboard. All standard peripherals plug into the rear bumper of the car. All sockets were hand cut into it. All
extension leads from the motherboard to the bumper where hand made, Even the 25 pin LPT and Com Port Leads. I still run a parallel scanner and my vinyl cutting machine
requires the Com Port. The cold air intake above the roof actually work, two holes were cut into body and the fronts of the intakes were cut out with two 40mm fans over the
holes sucking air in near the CPU. A 50mm fan in each of the front wheel arches move air in one side and out the other over the power supply. There are two more 50mm
fans in the base itself at either end, plus vent holes throughout the bottom of the base. All fans are 12v but I have them all powered from 5v. You can only do this with increased numbers of fans and the whole machine is quite cool and very silent. The CPU fan is the only noise you hear. The base has a layer of 3M frosted vinyl over the top which
lets you see the airbrushing and allows the cold-cathode to halo instead of seeing a direct reflection. In the back end of the base is a 5 port Network hub which all the
LED's have been extended to the front of the case. Most of the power supply is under the bonnet and the main power inlet is in the base with extensions to the under the bonnet.
All the stickers are 100% perfect logos.

This whole project took just over six months and works 100%. It has 2 other computers and a XBOX attached. A CD printer, scanner, USB modem, Vinyl cutter, Infra-Red,
6 in 1 card reader, USB Hub and looks fantastic.


Gigabyte Micro ATX MB AMD...


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Thu Oct 20, 05 5:05AM
WTG cofeeman!! great spin on the run of the mill car mods!

really like the idea :)
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