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2fAcE by ModheadzMatt   (4 comments)

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RANK: 8.4 out of 5 votes
Motherboard brand:88
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:1353
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:CNPS7700
Additional Cooling Info:8x AC Ryan Blacfire4 fans
Video Card brand:1927
Video Card:2x 6800Ultra SLI
Case URL:

2fAcE has got 2 faces!! We’re introducing the idea of twisted frontface-on-the-side. You can now see XFX’s dual 6800Ultra SLI and AC Ryan’s concept TFT “FrontScreen” at the same time! 2fAcE pleases both anchor sponsors for the systems - XFX & AC Ryan - heheh. With 2fAcE, you’ve now got the good stuff in the main view
& accessible upfront. The left & right are still easily accessible for plug-ins & connectors.


2fAcE is 1 of the 4 systems...

We twisted the face to the...

Front TFT screens are great...

The "virtual front" (what...

Another view of the 2fAcEs

heheh drift racing vidz...

heheh drift racing vidz...

Here u see the UVGreen...

frontview - frontscreen,...

sideview - didnt add...

clear acrylpanels so those...

lights out... power down......

lights out... power down......


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Thu Oct 06, 05 12:31AM
2face and MKTB are the 2 cases that inspired me to start modding plex cases!

and im so glad i did! this is a perfect example of modding excellence!

I never get tired of looking at this case! great stuff :)
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Thu Oct 06, 05 7:05AM
well i hate the choice of colors, but that's a matter of taste.

but the mod in itself is damn good, and must have been quite expensive...
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Tue Oct 11, 05 12:38AM
thx for the comments guys.
hey defyant, *blush* i've been following your worklogs on casemodgod for a while. you really do amazing things to acryl. your mods are making acryl even hipper than hip now. so cool.

HexDoctor > the colors are intentionally picked for max contrast and to stand out amongst all the other blue blue blue green blue blue at exhibitions. Yeah the guts were kinda expensive - XFX (the graphics card company) provided them. AC Ryan provided the modding supplies. In the end the 2fAcE went to XFX, what we got was a lot of fun and got to play with those hardware that we otherwise couldnt afford to buy ;)
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Tue Oct 11, 05 5:21PM
Personally I think the colours look great. I'm not fan of the pink range of colours but here the effect is quite spectacular.

Would you be interested in doing a mod article for Mofocases? We could try to get you sponsored for the modding stuff... though things like video cards and etc will still have to be your own domain :).
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