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Sephiroth by DarkStar   (2 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:123
Case Brand:1929
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:919
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:DangerDen RBX
Additional Cooling Info:The whole system is watercooled: DD RBX, Z-chip, Maze4 GPU, Hydor L20, Airplex evo12 + evo 240, Aquaplex reservoir, Enermax fans.
Video Card brand:895
Video Card:9800PRO 256MB
Case URL:


My name is DarkStar and I live in Overpelt, that's in Belgium. I visited your nice forum and thought it was time you all got to know my project.

Well, it all started almost 2 years ago. It was time I got rid of my old PIII 1Ghz, and ordered new hardware. After a couple of months all my new hardware arrived and my search for a case had ended as well. In my basement stood a 'new' (in terms of 'never been used before') AT server case. It was perfect, it was huge and very cheap (about €10).

The first step was making the motherboard fit. I rebuilt the motherboard tray and relocated the harddrive rack (you will find out why). I also made a backplate for 2x 80mm fans and room for 2x 120mm fans in the front.

In the top I made a couple of holes for a 120mm radiator and the reservoir for my watercooling. In the plastic front I made 2 120mm blowholes to get fresh air for my 240mm radiator.

Then, it was time for my cutout, I wanted something special: I used the logo of my UT2004 Clan (One Winged Angels), a drawing of Sephiroth (The case got the name too). After some photoshopping the image was cutable, but I also wanted a window, so I drew it all on my sidepanel and started to draw a window (you can see a picture of in somewhere in the directory).

After I spent about 30h on this cutout it was time for the other sidepanel (the one behind the motherboard tray). On this sidepanel I went for the 'SEPHIROTH' letters and a small sephiroth drawing that again needed a bit photoshopping. I used mirror-foil to make the plexi behind the cutouts reflect.

Now I had to do something special. The idea came from the Coolermaster musketeer fancontroller, I installed 2 analog V meters in my case door, they both show my HD-activity. I mounted them in 'blowhole like' holes that i sealed of at the back. I heated some plexi so that i could hide the ugly plastic of the meters.

For the electronic department (I feel like I'm on 'Pimp my ride'): I bought Enermax adjustable fans, they own like hell but don't have LED-fans. The solution: make them yourself! Each fan is lighted by 4 bright blue leds. I also made some LEDS in the housing of the analog meters. I made a simple controller for turning my CCFL's, and all the leds on and off (dual blue and dual UV). For my fanspeed I used an Vantec nexxus fancontroller that I won with a previous casemod ( ).

After all this, it was time to paint the case. I had the luck my neighbour works in a garage and had some connections, I could have my case painted at a bodyshop. It was a toyota MICA blue colour. Now it's time to assemble it all.

Enough talking, hope you like the case, PLZ COMMENT!

Work in progress pics:

Final pics:


I appologise for my bad English, hope you all understand what I ment.

PS: for those who want to see the pictures in a good sequence:
(the text is in Dutch, but you can click 'volgende pagina' to get to the next page)

Now, the system specs:

P4 2.8C
Abit IC7-Max3
1 GB OCZ pc4200-EL
R9800pro 256MB
WD 120GB + Maxtor 160GB
Enermax 400W power supply with adjustable fans

Dangerden RBX
Dangerden Z-blok
Dangerden Maze4 GPU
Airplex Evo 240mm
Airplex Evo 120mm
Aquacomputer reservoir
3m ½ Tygon tubing
3* Enermax 80mm fan
3* Enermax 120mm fan

That was all, finally, spent about 30min typing all this.


PS2: If you have any questions post them here (I'll check the topic regularly) or you can email me: sleursserge AT



the full pics are on the webspace ;)



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Fri Feb 17, 06 8:38AM
This is VERY well done. I especially like the cutouts on both sides of the case, and the font used on the case is very "high-tech". Awesome. Report Comment
Fri Jan 26, 07 3:00PM
One word... WHOA!..

I love blue themed cases...mine is nowhere near this level but its blue...Tht was a little random, i agree..
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